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Illinois Farm Families Influencer Engagement Campaign

Description: Campaign focused on engaging influencers to amplify the Illinois Farm Families’ message and build trust in farmers.  Role:  Developed strategy, planned events, wrote content  Audience: Millennial parents in Illinois, health and wellness influencers Employer: MorganMyers Client: Illinois Farm Families Through this influencer outreach, IFF set out to cultivate 50 health […]

Nuclear Energy Risk Communication in the Media: A Case Study of “The Simpsons”

Description: Research project published in the Undergradute Journal of Science and Technology Link:  Abstract: This paper examines risk communication of nuclear energy in the context of two episodes of “The Simpsons”, the longest running animated sitcom in the United States and America’s “nuclear family.” According to the World […]

Illinois Farm Families Email Newsletter

Description: Two monthly email newsletters, deployed to a general subscriber audience and an influencer audience, intended to build consumer trust in agriculture.  Role: Wrote content, planned editorial  Audience: Millennial parents in Illinois, health and wellness influencers Client: Illinois Farm Families Results: 30% influencer average open rate, 17% general subscriber […]

Illinois Farm Families Blog

Description: Blogs used on the Illinois Farm Families website, intended to build consumer trust in agriculture.  Role: Wrote content, planned editorial Audience: Millennial parents in Illinois Client: Illinois Farm Families Results: Blog posts average 500-1,000 views consistently  Sample blogs: Planning for pests and protecting your food The importance […]

What is the Real ROI Behind UAVs?

2017 Precision Farming Dealer Summit — Roundtable Coverage Drones were introduced as the pinnacle of innovation that would change the agricultural industry. But with many retailers struggling to sell drones or Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAVs), what is the real ROI? UAVs are able to capture photos and information […]