About me

IMG_3635Hi, my name’s Jordan. I recently discovered I’m a born communicator with a passion for problem solving

Heading into school, my chaotic creativity and rapidly changing interests left me with anything but a clear path towards my career. I wanted to be a surgeon, politician, conservationist, cancer researcher (and even an agronomist, for a fleeting moment)—there was too much to learn. Graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison seemed easy compared to finding a career for the rest of my life.

And then, with some encouragement from a professor, it hit me. All these interests centered around two things: People and science. (Lucky for me UW had a major in life sciences communication.)

Four years later, here we are. I’ve focused my energy and put it to work as a strategic communicator. That’s marketing-speak for utilizing communications to complete a goal, whether that’s changing an attitude or telling a compelling story to sell a product or idea. I use my science background to develop research-grounded measurement tools and convey complex information.

I’m an associate at MorganMyers, a farm-to-table strategic communications firm. My day-to-day consists of fostering successful client relationships, brainstorming kick-a** ideas to move our clients forward, executing those ideas and talking my co-workers’ ears off about my chickens.

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